About Me

My first experience with software was when I was 14 making websites using Apple’s iWeb and Geocities. I loved how easy it was to create something out of nothing with just a computer. But it wasn’t until my high school senior year when I took my first programming course in  Java that I had my first programming experience. These experiences made me pursue a career in software engineering, earning a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez.

My first job was as a web developer for a local media company while still a college student. By my senior year I was working as a software engineer and tech lead for an early-stage startup in their ticketing business, what went to become Ticketera.com

After a year, I started working at GFR Media, a local company owner of the biggest newspaper in Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Día). There I led the implementation of the paywall and digital subscription system with a team of 6 engineers and designers.

A year (and hurricane María) later, I launched my startup; Monito Media, an AI-based broadcast and traditional media monitoring service. We reach $10k MRR but ended up folding the company as we didn’t reach market-fit before running out of capital.

After my failed startup, I worked at Optic Power as Engineering Manager / Tech Lead with a team of 7 engineers doing Software Eng / Product as a Service to other funded startups. I was let go due to the COVID pandemic, and soon later I joined Red Ventures Puerto Rico (RVPR) as a Senior Software Engineer. At RVPR I lead the Data Team supporting various of marketing sites, building up the data platform and pipelines needed to monitor performance of the different sites.

In 2021 RV decided to start a new venture in Finance, creating a new bank in Puerto Rico. After almost 2 years building in stealth mode, we launched Nave Bank in 2023. At Nave I have been working with a team of 4 engineers standing up the whole data and backoffice infrastructure to support day-to-day operations of the Bank.